Bulk Import ICN Codes to products

Bulk Import ICN Codes to products

This feature is still in development and all instructions in this article MUST be adhered to.
Please contact training@khaoscloud.com if you are unsure about any steps.
When importing ICN codes, the system will only allow ICN codes that do not currently exist in [System Setup | System Data | Intrastat ICN] to be imported and attached to stock items. This means that ICN codes may only be imported ONCE.

Getting your data

KCC Lite does not support the steps in this section. If you use KCC Lite we may be able to carry out this section for you as a chargeable service. Please email support@khaoscloud.com for full details. If you are using KCC Lite and need to setup ICN codes but do not require our assistance you will need to use the guide here, Setting up ICN Codes.
This process may take some time depending on the size of your KCC Stock database.
  1. Go to [Reports | Adhoc Reports].
  2. In the popup window select System - Products.
    1. This will produce a CSV file of all the stock items on your system.

Preparing your data

This section will setup the file generated above so that ICN codes can be imported to your stock items.
  1. Open the CSV file generated above.
  2. Delete all columns except STOCK_CODE. Make this column A.
  3. Add the following column headers (in blue below) to columns B, C, D & E.
    1. ICN:CNCODE_ID (Column B)
    2. SUP_UNIT_VALUE (Column C)
    3. COUNTRYMANUF_ID (Column D)
    4. NET_WEIGHT (Column E)
  4. In column B for every stock item enter the ICN code as per the UK Trade website.
    1. Note down the description together with the code as you will need this later when tidying up the imported data.
  5. In column C enter the supplementary unit value, if required, for the ICN code used in step 4.
  6. In column D enter the country of manufacture name. This MUST exist in [System Setup | System Data | Countries].
  7. In column E, unless a value was entered in Step 5, enter the net weight of the product if required. If a value was entered in step 5 then current guidelines state these items do not require a net weight.
    1. Please note the law on this step may change and it is the responsibility of the consignor to ensure a weight is present if required.
  8. This file should now be sorted by ICN Code (column I). It is not possible to have the same ICN code on more than a single import file so it would be wise at this point to split your data into smaller sheets containing no more than 3000 lines of data (recommendation is 500 lines where possible). If you have more than 3000 items using the same ICN code or on different import files then the import may fail on these items - please email support@khaoscloud.com for assistance.
  9. Save your file as a Text (tab delimited) file.

Importing the data on to your KCC system

In order to import the data entered above, please follow our data import guide here, Importing Your Data and then return to this article.

Tidying up the imported data

This feature is still in development and the ICN code details within [System Setup | System Data | Intrastat ICN] will need tidying up before shipping of any products using ICN codes. This is a one time process.
  1. Go to [System Setup | System Data | Intrastat ICN].
  2. Click Edit.
  3. For each ICN code in the list you will need to enter the description as per the ICN code database listed in step 4.
    1. Eg. 09 01 11 00 uses the description Coffee (excl. roasted and decaffeinated).
  4. For each ICN code, enter the Supplementary Unit as required.
    1. If there are multiple rows that will use the same value then:
      1. Green select all affected rows.
      2. Click in the Sup. Unit field of any row.
      3. Click the purple cog icon at the top of the table and select Apply Value Range.
        1. This will set all select rows to use the same Sup. Unit.
      4. To clear the selection click the cog icon and select Clear Selection.

Confirmation check

Open any stock item that uses an ICN code and ensure the values in the Accounting area are as specified on your data import.

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